Life is a festival of disruption.
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

David is bringing this quote to life by creating a mysterious & beautiful world.

Your pass allows you to enjoy two full days and nights of music, art, virtual reality, films, talks and more
(starting at 11am each day and going through midnight).

With your wristband you may come and go as you please & experience all of the programming at your leisure.

The full daily schedule and exact set times will be announced soon.

From the dark recesses of the theatre to the expansive light of the rooftop, the entire Ace Hotel will be transformed.

The outer relative field of life is ever changing. Nothing can ever stop it. Established in the inner absolute unchanging field of life, we naturally enjoy our life as a dance, as a game, as a festival of change, of disruptions. But if we are unconnected, tired, stressed, small, we experience life as a nightmare, a battleground, a tragedy of unexpected and unwanted change.
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi